Rust Destroyer Primer

Rust Destroyer Primer


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  • Apply directly over rust.
  • NO sandblasting.
  • NO scraping to bare metal.
  • NO washing, before or after application.
  • NO sanding glossy finishes to improve adhesion.
  • Minimize maintenance by maximizing rust conversion, and metal protection.
  • EASY to use, simply remove loose or scaling particles, grease or dirt, and the surface is ready for the rust destroying primer.
  • Stops rust in sever conditions.
  • Outperforms all other paints in comparative tests.
  • Has been working in industrial, institutional, and commercial environments since 1982.
  • Works under a variety of finishes.
  • Works over a variety of finishes.
  • Adheres to clean and rusty steel, Zinc galvanized metal, and previously painted surfaces.
  • Has superior adhesion when applied directly to clean zinc galvanized metal.
  • Formulated for compatibility and sustained adherence to bridge paints that meet Federal and State specifications. RUST DESTROYER®when applied over new metal will prevent rusting.

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