TexturTop – Pearl

TexturTop – Pearl


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Texturtop™ is a comprehensive system of top coating, which is both waterproof and abrasion resistant. The product is in the form of a gelled paste, has no unpleasant smell, is water based, and dries so fast you will not have to put up wet paint signs. Its property of giving unparalleled dimension and durability is well proven. Moreover, this is the simplest topcoat application system on the market today.

It is washable and resistant. Texturtop contains everything from metals, pearls, iridescence, clear and white to tint and are all able to be custom coloured. Wax provides sheen and enhances the polished look of the finish. Texturtop Wax is for interior use only.

An acrylic wax is not unlike plastic tile sealer, therefore water based and not solvent. It is recoverable with other coatings including paint where solvent wax is not.

It is supplied ready to use in a light paste, easy to apply by sponges, spatulas and trowels.  Coverage averages 250 sq. ft per litre

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