Are you tired of cutting in or using a spray sheild? Here is the tool that is going to save you time and money.

The Spray Guide is designed to allow you to cut in using your airless sprayer without the need of tape or the use of a brush.  When set up properly, the Spray Guide will spray a precise paint fan against any running edge without any overspray. The Spray Guide now includes Graco’s ASM Angle Head allowing you to adjust the angle of your paint tip.

Just attach the mounting collar to the angle head, then attach the Spray Guide wheel to mounting collar. Select your pole size, then adjust the angle head to just mist the tip of the wheel. Run the Spray Guide against the painting area to get used to the feel of the surface, once you are comfortable pull the trigger and keep moving. It’s that easy.

For tips and demo video check out the Manufacturer’s website.

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